Friday January 23, 2015

Purple Shadows


This is simplicity and ease at its best. A slouchy fur coat in a poppy color, leather skinnies and a statement tee (hello Haute-T!).

Tuesday January 20, 2015

Vintage Fur + Tan



A quick post as I literally have just arrived back home from a long trip to China working on exciting THPSHOP projects including the colorful faux furs you have seen all over my Instagram, a new office and several other things I cannot quite divulge. While in Beijing I spent most of my time in the art district (at the wonderful East Hotel) which meant super close proximity to 798 and Chaochangdi.

Tuesday January 13, 2015





Apologies for the absence of posts of late. Traveling so much definitely takes a toll on the blog work! That being said. Happy to be back at it. This dress though! The perfect sorbet lime color and slinky factor. I decided to wear one of the sides lower on my arm, because hello, it’s Mexico and gotta have some of that Latin ‘flava’ as Quan so animatedly puts it. Thank you to Jenny from Not Aligne for loaning us this dress and do make sure to check out her collection online now!

Monday December 29, 2014

Desert Girl




Still reeling from a great trip to the Guadalupe Valley with my friend Quan over Christmas. We shot so much incredible content – I can’t wait to share with you all! New York based brand Not Aligne sent me this great crop top – dress duo that I loved wearing. It really spoke to me. Sensible. Simple. Extremely flattering. I can imagine this looking quite stellar with heels, but for me I opted for flats and at times, no shoes at all! Hope everyone has been having a great holiday season – less than one week away from the end of 2014. What a doozy!

Friday December 19, 2014

GREY + Blue

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Yes. How many more times can Vanessa juggle that blue-grey combo; apparently a lot! I’m taking big strides in 2015 to change it upĀ  (in fact I intimated to someone over a phone interview yesterday that I am in the process of reconstructing my entire closet!) So just hold on if you’re starting to bore of me! Cuz you’ve seen nothing yet! But right. Back to it. I feel the most put together when I wear this color combo. Not only is it super easy, but a literal beacon of light in a crowd often swathed in black-clothed bodies (guilty – see last week’s post!). This is for those days that I’m feeling particularly carefree and happy!