A Year

Apologies for the lack of updates lately – I’ve been in a creative vacuum working on my FW16 collection. Things are taking form and I cannot wait to be back in Beijing in January to start executing my ideas. It’s hard to believe that around this time last year I decided to start my own womenswear line. It still feels a little surreal! People often ask me how the THP Faux Fur collection came about – to which I respond very frankly – it was never meant to be a collection! I feel that pretty much sums up a lot of what I do at THPSHOP.co – I have an idea of something I want, then decide to make it for others. It’s like being in art class as a child, when you’re given an hour to let your creativity run wild; but it’s my job! How incredible!

Of course being just 10 days away from 2016 has me in a very introspective mood. This year has been the most educational so far in my life – on every single level from work to personal. I have learned that one’s instinct is the most powerful gift we are born with, and that all the answers we ever seek, we already have. Destiny will wait in the hangar for you, so do not fear – time is never wasted.

This picture was taken last February by my great friend Quan Mai as I looked over New York from the Top of the Rock in midtown. If only I could tell Vanessa then that everything was going to be alright, and to hold on tight because 2015 would be a crazy, beautiful, tumultuous ride.

Wearing THP Baby Blue Faux Fur Boxy Coat



  1. Audrey says:

    I love your posts, so genuine and inspiring. Glad to see that you’re doing what you absolutely love in life. Looking forward to seeing what else you will be designing next for THPshop! Super excited.


  2. sanssouci says:

    In love with your faux fur line, and of course the jewellery. Want every single one of your amazing coats!

  3. Gorgeous as ever. you look so cool.

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