Bali Bungalow

Back in June I took a couple weeks off to explore the beautiful island of Bali. I had seen pictures. Heard numberless accounts of its magic, but nothing quite compared to it in person. This was one of the areas we stayed in – Seminyak. Very convenient, very Aussie, and quite tourist-y. We found this gorgeous airbnb quite last minute, and I seriously did not/almost could not leave!


The beautiful winding concrete steps that led up to our 3 bedroom house. Here I’m wearing a dress I found around town from a local brand. Can’t get enough slips!

Obviously this was one of my favorite features of the entire house. I was totally blown away by how modern and Eco-conscious some of the homes were. The property next to ours was similar in that each floor was entirely open – no windows, no doors; just sliding thatched ‘walls’ that kept the sun and slightly cool night out.

If you’re looking for a get-away that has both tropics and true, major chill factor, I highly recommend Bali. There was amazing food everywhere plus a lot of conveniences of home like green juice, vegan food, and oh yes yoga! Stay tuned for more Bali pics and afterthoughts!

Top by JH Zane, Bottoms by THP x Beth Richards



  1. Faiyaz says:

    Can’t wait to head to Bali soon! And can’t wait for the rest of you photos!!


  2. Agnes says:

    These are so beautiful, always love watching your photos

    Agnes x

  3. Kurt says:

    wow… i totally love this place ! Have to visit one day when in Bali ! how amazing !

  4. denise says:

    girl, this new layout is 10000000!

  5. Lindsey says:

    very beautiful pictures! love your dress!

  6. Constance says:

    Nice pictures and article !


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