Banker Stripes

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Been really into pins for a while, but you know that already if you follow me on Instagram. I mean how many times have I worn that now ubiquitous Mango coat?  (that I still love oh so dearly) For this particular outfit, I thought I’d wear something that would complement our beautiful LFW abode, the Town Hall Hotel. Classic, but with a twist. Situated in East London, where many-a fashion peoples informed me is the ‘place to be’, the Town Hall is just a stone-throws away from Oxford Circus, which gives it proximity but also refuge from all the hustle bustle of town. I can’t wait to come back and see London some more, so big thanks to Town Hall and the lovely Luxe Nomad for making this particular city of our month-long fashion week tour so memorable.

Wearing Topshop Pin Stripe Blazer + White Coat (courtesy of TopShop Canada), Vintage Motorcycle Jacket, American Apparel Bra, Isabel Marant Pour H&M Pants, And Other Stories Faux Fur Sandals, Rachael Ruddick Bag, THPSHOP.CO jewelery

Tomorrow we’re off to Paris! Until then, ciao!

xo Vanessa

ph: Margaret Zhang



  1. jyy says:

    Your post attributes the pearl necklace and earrings to THPSHOP, but didn’t see them on the site. Is it something that you’re going to stock soon? If so, I would love to be alerted when they are in stock!

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