Iona beach is typical back country juxtaposed against a brilliant and awe-inducing sky and sea-line. It’s a place of contrast. Just 5 minutes away is a sewage processing plant filtering through all the waste in Richmond. On the beach, all you can see is water as far as the eye can discern.  You kinda just stand there…in the warmth of the sunshine and drink your surroundings up. The smell of the ocean, the sound of the tide creeping close to your feet and then quickly receding, the distant forms of birds on the horizon pecking at their meals, and the chilly breeze that icily caresses your face and hair as you walk. This is paradise in a nutshell. A beautiful wasteland that is a place full of contrast.

This is actually the second time I’ve come up here to take pictures. If you remember, Peter and I took a bunch of photos as well as made my first video at Iona! For those of you that are unfamiliar with the area, it’s right by the international airport. I cannot reiterate enough how pristine and untouched this whole area is. As you drive up the windy path towards the beach, you’re flanked on both sides by acres of empty grass land and grazing grounds for horses and cows. It’s so simple and quaint. No high rises. No street lined cars. Just mother fucking nature. So. Freaking. Awesome.

Before I fall off the edge and describe everything about the beach in minutiae detail, I want to thank Min from Lucyd Acyd for sending me these ridiculously cool/comfortable/sexy/bad ass tights. I kinda jumped up in glee and squealed when I discovered them in the package. I plan on wearing these whenever I can with every over sized vintage tshirt I have! You guys should definitely check out her store. It’s minimalist/chic/punk/edgy…AND! she has a pair of awesome tribute Balenciaga boots that are almost even better than the Sam Edeleman’s I own…..I kinda want them >.<

Oh and lastly, I do wear flats people. In fact…I wear them all the time when I’m running errands or hurrying to get to yoga. Dan has been quietly but assuredly pressuring me to wear these for some time.

Wearing American Apparel Sexualitee shirt, Zara boyfriend blazer, LUCYD ACYD criss-cross tights, vintage beaver fur scarf, buckled punk boots, Christopher Kane for Topshop bag, Rayban sunglasses

Pictures by Dan



  1. Krystal says:

    LOVE this xxx

  2. apparellel says:

    simply amazing as usual. i am so digging on that scarf, it is gorgeous!


  3. Kamicha says:

    Hi! What a lovely blog you have! Thanks for LUCYD ACYD -tip – I have been looking for neat, layerable leggings for ages. And thanks for your nice comment in Chictopia!

    The scarf is awesome!

  4. Trop Rouge says:

    I love your tights…KILLER. The pictures are fantastic, very sping look.

  5. stephanie says:

    LOVE that scarf. really amazing and it looks sooooo soft!!! xx

  6. omg! yer tights are such a breath of fresh air among the usual ripped of are an epic!

  7. Vivien low says:

    Those boots look a lot like the Jeffrey Campbell “Biz”, which I own a pair of as well. Are you sure those boots are vintage? Just saying..
    But i’m digging this outfit. Hope you post the leggings up in different outfits soon.

  8. Donna Vitan says:

    Hai Vanessa!

    I fell in love with these leggings after seeing you in it. And I should have bought them after reading your post but now I think I’m too late. I was wondering if you have a hookup there, and maybe I could still buy a pair!

    Thanks for the heads up anyway and next maybe I won’t be so tardy to buying something I fall in love with.

    My post:

    Sprinkle hearts,
    Donna Vitan

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