Ta da! So I took the AA mesh dress I spoke about in Sheer Genius and found a way to cover up my bits in a most delicious fashion. I decided that instead of wearing something underneath that I would do something a little more bawdy. It took me about 5 hours total to construct this pattern-to-finish, and boy was it worth it! Back matches the front. Please stay tuned for the DIY post….

P.S. 25 feels effing awesome.

Just a little from my bday… cool basics from AA & Awang, a bedazzler, fashion/mag coffee table books, and a pair of Horace leather pants I bought from OakNYC (elation!)

Wearing DIY AA Mesh Dress, Giles&Brother by Philip Crangi necklace



  1. Allyson says:

    DAMN GIRL. You look effing hot. I may have to try this for myself!


  2. […] month ago so I could wear it under my American Apparel mesh dress, but I ended up turning it into a DIY project instead. I’ve been wearing a lot of lingerie-y esque outfits lately: mesh tops, thigh highs, […]

  3. Alice says:

    looks amazing on you, seriously!

  4. Dani says:

    Oh my I love you style its my birthday too next week and i’m trying to do something similar!! how did you create this look its absolutely beautiful!

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