Blue Steel

Radio City – I rarely make it up this far in Manhattan (usually I’m downtown working) but once in a while it’s nice to pop up. I remember this January was so, so cold, but all I wore on this day was my THP Boxy Faux Fur and stayed toasty! Despite the subzero conditions!

Wearing THP Baby Blue Faux Fur, Masha Ma Top, Zara leather pants, Balenciaga boots, Chanel velvet 2.55



  1. I adore your coat and bag! Great combination!

  2. helena says:

    Perfect look! Love the bag very much!

  3. says:

    will you design knit wear?please……
    oversized angora and or cashmere…angora.^.^sweaters,you have a good eye,i feel.
    gong xi fa cai!

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