Cafe Lyfe



Yes I love me a good cafe – a relatively cheap habit that forces me out of the office and into the fresh air – whether it be to people gaze (Hi that’s all I do when in Paris) or read a good mag or two. I’ve been making real effort to dress in solids lately – this week here is me in all black. I often default to all-black. Traveling = all black. Meetings = all black. Date night = all black. But I’ve sorta come to a color awakening, where I try to deviate from my old ways. More pictures after the jump + some final footwear thoughts!SigersonMorrisonVanessaHong4

SigersonMorrisonVanessaHong3And the cold season marks the beginning of new boots. I always go for a bootie myself – always preferred the shape. Really loving these Sigerson Morrison ones that just came in the nick of time!


Wearing Yesstyle Coat, Laveer Boyfriend Blazer, Un-branded Jeans, Sigerson Morrison booties, Vintage Prada



  1. Maya Swan says:

    Those are some beautiful booties, I’m a sucker for well crafted clothing.


    -Maya Swan

  2. Jessie says:

    Nothing wrong with all black 😉

  3. Daphne Blunt says:

    Knee ripped jeans are my kryptonite!

  4. Long black trench coat is so NECESSARY!

  5. Jlu says:

    So good, I literally want to Pin every picture!

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