One of my favorite boot shapes is the bootie – many have crossed my path but none quite as inventive as this pair from Malone Souliers. Late this last summer I visited the shoe brand in London where I met Roy Luwolt and Mary Alice Malone – the two co-owners – who graciously walked me through their vision and creative process. Their mission: hand-made, totally bespoke shoes with Nike-esque support. Needless to say, I found their approach to shoe-making very refreshing and (yes!) even enlightening. There were furry mules (don’t get me started on their mules!), lace ups, pumps – all seemingly classic shapes, but upon closer inspection (and wear) were really in a league of their own. Malone Souliers proves that a girl doesn’t have to forfeit comfort for beauty; better yet she can have her cake and eat it too. Merci MS for a beautiful experience and my custom booties!

Wearing Malone Souliers Booties; Marble Phone Case, Coach Mens Moto Jacket; Andrew Walker Corset, Uniqlo tee, Distressed Boyfriend Jeans




  1. claudia says:

    Love the white ripped jeans and the sandals are gorgeous!

  2. Ellen Vicius says:

    There are so many interesting layers to this outfit, i feel a bit of a grungy look, with a wink from the east and sophisticated shoes. Could you match your look with a bag from I think you could 🙂

  3. sasa says:

    These booties are so cool! <3

    Shall We Sasa

  4. R i p p e d j e a n s a n d l e a t h e r j a c k e t . P e r f e c t o !

  5. Marie says:

    Bonjour, ce jeans est juste whaou ! Ou puis-je le trouver ?

  6. Rachel says:

    perfect ripped jeans and heels!

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