I’ve been feeling very sweater-y lately. I’ve been wearing this one from YesStyle (gasp! from the woman’s section) almost every day. It comes with knitted pockets! How practical. Not so practical is the thigh-garter chain that Melissa from Chains of Love so kindly sent me. It’s so freaking kick ass that I want to wear it with everything and anything that exposes my thighs. I think I got a few sideways glances on the bus when I got on today, but heck, I think it’s safe to say that I have worn much less appropriate wares in the past!

Oh and by the way, these Litas that sent me are MUCHO comfortable! I always
thought that my Sam Edelman platforms would forever be my go-to comfy shoes, but it’s
time I to pass that title onto Jeffrey Campbell! The shoes are surprisingly LIGHT weight, which
makes for easy stomping! I’m just so happy that I finally got them!!! Yayyyyyyy!

Wearing Yesstyle sweater tunic; gifted Chains of Love ‘Leg Chamber’ chain ; gifted Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots; Opening Ceremony wool hat; gifted Garnett Jewelry Triangle necklace; Alexander Wang bag



  1. Ag says:

    TINU!!!! You know my Tin-tin! I am so adding you to my blog roll. You guys look fab!

  2. CHELSEA says:

    cute look as always!

    question- do you find the JC Litas more comfortable than the Sam Edleman platforms? I have the SE boots and love them but don’t think they are very comfortable. but all the lita reviews are making me tempted to try them out.


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