Just a quick outfit post of one of my favorite sweater knits I found in Beijing. I think my style lately has been predominantly driven by comfort. ‘Comfort’ and ‘cozy’ some times gets a bad name, but in my eyes, this is the ultimate luxury. To be swathed in beautiful wools and acrylics, doesn’t that sound like a dream? But I digress, it’s not like I only live in sneakers! Fashion week in Paris is nigh so it’ll soon be time to dust off my 5 inch heels. I’m actually really excited for Paris this season. There are a lot of things afoot that I cannot share quite yet, but it’s all very, very exciting!


Wearing Knit Dress (no label), Senso Sneakers, Louis Vuitton bag, Haute Pursuit Bag, Micro Grid Case, Mikoh Sunglasses



  1. That sweater is perfect!


  2. Atul Gupta says:

    Loved the handbag. Nice dress!!

  3. mainou says:

    Love the knit dress =)

  4. faffy says:

    love the bag and the sneakers

  5. Tati Freitas says:

    Consesso que nunca tinha visto um modelo de vestido assim. Mas parece que ser confortável.

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