I haven’t been able to function all too well with the recent heat wave. I was telling Tessa earlier that the only thing I can bother putting on is a tank top and cut offs. I can’t even wear real clothes in my apartment because we live on the top floor–so I’ve been walking around in my bikini! Oh! and as I mentioned on twitter, I made lemonade a couple days ago…it’s the perfect antidote to heat-strokey symptoms. I highly recommend you make it because it’s super easy. It was so delicious that I’m contemplating making my own passion tea lemonade at home. Can you believe those are almost 3 bucks???? Gah. But so delicious.

I think I’m going to sell a bunch of my rodarte x target/anna sui x target stuff, so if you’re an XS or S, get ready for some awesome deals! I’ll probably take pictures of them today…and post on Tuesday or Wednesday on the store.

Wearing TNA tank top, DIY cut off shorts, vintage ankle boots, Alexander Wang bag, 80’s Purple aviator sunglasses

Photos by Tessa Tham



  1. pqdesigninc says:

    i am so late into reading your blog! but im glad ive been caught up. you have such a lovely face- did you say you were chinese?
    love your style!

  2. MizzJ says:

    Hawt outfit! So simple, but looks so great!

  3. caylee says:

    i can’t stand this heatwave. but you look awesome – this is the perfect hot weather outfit. and i’m still lol-ing at your tweet about adding vodka to your lemonade 🙂

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