After almost a year (maybe longer?) since I first laid eyes on the lace bottoms made by  With-Hearts-in-our-eyes and then famously worn by Rumi from Fashiontoast, I knew I had to somehow recreate them for myself. Originally I wanted them in black…but then thought why not in a lighter color? Like CREAM? Sadly I couldn’t find anything in cream so instead I found this peachy lace.

Word to the wise: lace is incredibly finicky to sew. Several times my machine decided to eat up the fabric around the holey bits and I almost had to start from scratch. Otherwise….it really didn’t take too long (albeit too complicated to write instructions for). I think a good starting point would be to take your favorite bell bottoms, trace the shape of the leg (starting under the crotch) and lay it over your fabric. The top part of the pant should be something stretchy like jersey cotton. I sorta winged it so mine aren’t perfect, but we all need to start somewhere!

Wearing DIY lace bell bottoms; inside-out t shirt; Zara platforms, Alexander Wang bag, DIY feather head band



  1. Chiomalynn says:

    I absolutely love the bell bottoms, they’re gorgeous

  2. caylee says:

    yay you finally made them! and boy do they look good. love them paired with that badass inside-out tee.

  3. Marilynka says:

    I love your pants they are amazing!

  4. absolutely gorgeous! Love your blog and style! (I just found your blog btw…). I’m following you on twitter and bloglovin’ 😉

  5. I added you to my links! such a

  6. I also added you to my links! such a great blog and great style!

  7. Kris says:

    Stunning, I love them and now want a pair!!! Guess I need to go fabric shopping!

  8. efinie says:

    i love that bellbottoms! its so nice!

  9. Channelle says:

    wow these look great I made some of these out of a goth lace dress and semi fucked it up the crotch part was hard lol but good to see someone pulled it off hehe

  10. mizL says:

    about how much lace fabric did you use?

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