Inspired by the incredibly sexy and well tressed/dressed Alice Dellal, I decided to make my own dare-to-bare dress for my 25th birthday. Here are the DIY instructions to make your own scandalous Birthday Suit!


  • American Apparel Mesh Dress
  • 2 yards of black cotton jersey (anything with stretch will work)
  • Light but durable paper for pattern-making (mine was 17″ x 31″)
  • Scissors, needle, and black thread
  • Demi-cup bra

1. TAKE SHAPE Halve your sheet of paper and start drawing the top half of the pattern. Here I used a ruler to create straight lines. As a general guide, take a strapless demi-cup bra to ensure that your pattern gives you enough coverage. Continue drawing until you have completed the pattern. TIP Place the completed pattern over your body and dress to ensure it will have enough top and bottom coverage.

2. SNIP SNIP Cut the fabric with your pattern. Be liberal with pins: you need to make laser edge cuts. TIP Highly recommend using sewing shears unless you plan to finish the raw edge

3. STITCH BY STICH Pin the fabric onto the dress turned inside-out. Sew very delicately–mesh cannot take super tight stitches. Sew in sections; this way if you ‘mess up’ you won’t have to take the whole seam out. Try it on after the bust area has been sewed together. If all looks well, continue sewing. TIP Make sure you leave about 1/2 inch on the sides to prevent pulling once the dress is on.

4. PUT YOUR BACK INTO IT Use the same pattern to create a piece for the back. TIP Place against the front to ensure the sides meet, so your profile will have a continuous line.




  1. Erin Quinn says:

    I made this dress and its absolutely amazing. I put my twist on it and it’s stunning. Even better to a vegas pool where everyone gets decked out. I was the hottest there. Hands down.

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