DIY transparent clutch

time to buy some plastic, here’s a new DIY for yah

after seeing this plastic clear clutch circulate all around the net including my pinterest, I decided to replicate it. i love how the the contents of the bag in the picture offset the all-black outfit. transparency really complements the whole minimalist aesthetic. it’s also a literal take on the whole whats-in-my-bag phenomenon which I think is done best by one of my favorite blogs Hypebeast in their weekly ‘Essentials‘, but I digress…

To make things easier, use a clutch of your own to plan out the basic shape of the bag. Then using any large sheet of paper create a pattern you can lay on top of your plastic. Speaking of plastic, you can find this stuff in the utility department of your fabric store. I got one meter for $4 dollars–more than you’ll need.

I advise you to play around with the pattern before laying it down to make sure it folds into the desired shape. To keep the folds in place I used snap buttons. I think next time I’ll just use small studs, because snap buttons despite first glances is a little tricky to use. Much too tricky for something simple like this.

then voila! now you see the contents of my bag. my ghetto 3G (yes! these still exist. please don’t judge). my beautiful new Miu Miu Cat Eye sunglasses (stay tuned for a giveaway with SmartBuyGlasses), a really beautiful lighter (don’t worry i don’t smoke…cigarettes). and a chanel compact, because I have to keep it classy.

p.s. have you checked out my store lately?



  1. KIM says:

    such a cool idea!! and I might even pull this off since I am a complete disaster when it comes to DIY



  2. Ray says:

    Making this for sure, such a great idea!

  3. ShelbyAnne says:

    This is great!
    Check out my blog, what do you think? Let me know! I’d love your feedback.


  4. Taylor says:

    This is rad. I love your outfits lately.

  5. She's Peculiar says:

    What was the total cost of making this clutch?

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