Double Blues

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Hurrah for double blues. And before we jump to conclusions, allow me to clarify that this doesn’t qualify as a  ‘Canadian tuxedo’ (the blazer is Chambray not denim). Tomato, to-mah-toe. But I digress. Now nestled back in the west coast I’m grabbing for those all too familiar sunny-ssentials including a super light pair of distressed denim and anything nude. CUE SUMMER.

Front Row Shop Blazer, THPSHOP Anya Jeans (sorry sold out again), Zara Heels, Vintage Prada Purse

ph: Chris Winter




  1. Labériane says:

    blue suits you baby <3

  2. Lucie says:

    Wahhoouu simply perfect !
    Rose & Pose Highstreet Fashion

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  4. Abrielle says:

    And this is why I follow you! Love this look! #Perfection

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