i swear i had a jersey shirt just like this in high school when sports chic was all the rage.  i think i also had a complete floral denim outfit too….not so chic, but terribly awesome at the time.

i’ve been really bored with my hair lately, hence the once-over-flip-over. roots are coming in. length is getting into awkward territory. i feel inspired to bleach my entire head after seeing Lulu with her new lightening white locks….but no one seems to be on team bleach-vanessa. apparently it’ll ruin my hair, color unevenly due to existing highlights lowlights and give me flyaways/frizzies from hell. as one friend said: ‘you know you aren’t going to look…pretty right?’ to which i replied: ‘dude, i know. I’m going for more alien than babe’

any advice?

wearing Zara Blazer (similar one here)

Romwe Jersey Shirt

Urban Outfitters Leather Pants (similar ones here) + (here)

Zara shoes



  1. jan says:

    love your blog. im wondering how do u hv the gut to wear so fashionable clothes in china. which city r u living at. ppl just like to judge me when i wear something diff to others in china.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Hey Jan,
    I’m in Beijing. I never think about what other people will think when i wear what i wear. I like being different and so should you! 🙂

  3. Ilaktionova says:

    I looove the outfit!

  4. Lara 109 says:

    Awesome look, you’re very stylish.


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