Frill Factor

I’d like to think I’m an all thrills no frills sorta girl, but then I met my match in this brilliant coat by Kym Ellery. Kym has a very modern approach to womenswear -not only is it extremely wearable, but each piece feels personal and unique. The Ellery woman is full of contrast and juxtaposition, like so many of us. This coat is a perfect case and point – the oversized blazer, something so emblematic of male power, feminized by exaggerated, almost tentacle like frills. This woman’s got humor and I love that – in a sea of homogenized luxury brands shelling out same-same every season, I’m always looking for those items that tell a story.


Ellery Jacket, Alexander Wang Tee, Isabel Marant Skirt
Balenciaga Knife Boots
This just makes me...
...want to move and sashay

Thank you to Ellery for dressing me this season!



  1. Arra A. says:

    I definitely agree! I think if I’m wearing that, I’ll sashay and sway it around.

    Have a great day!

    Style Reader

  2. the ruffles are amazing!
    style frontier

  3. I love these frills! So cute!

  4. Kiri says:

    You wear this so well.
    I would be worried that this jacket would swamp me.

    I love the ruffles on the sleeve.
    If only I could afford more Ellery.
    I love supporting Australian designers.

    Set to Glow

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