Going blond



Last summer I decided to bleach my hair after having the idea marinate in my mind for almost 2 years. Inspired by model Daul Kim (just google any of her editorials–you’ll want to do the same) I finally took the leap. First note: make sure you bleach on virgin hair. I grew out my brown colored hair (which turned into an unintentional ombre) for this very process. Click through for some FAQ!

1. How often do you have to retouch?

about every 30 days.

2. How long did it take to do it the first time?

To bleach my virgin hair, I did it in one go, taking 9 hours with alternating rounds of bleach, wash, and toner.

3. Did it hurt?

Yes, but to be honest my bottom hurt more from sitting in the same chair for 9 hours. Again this comes down to your pain threshold and the experience of the colorist

4. How does your hair still look so healthy?

The secret (at least for me) is minimal hair washing. I wash mine 1-2 times a week and prior to every wash I do a coconut hair mask for at least 8 hours. The oil is nourishing on your scalp and also moisturizes the hair. In addition I cut my hair monthly and almost always air dry versus using a blow dryer.

5. Any last tips?

The most important one is this: find yourself a professional, I cannot reiterate this enough! Also, my colorist let me in on a secret last time: always go in with ‘dirty’ hair because the oil produced from your scalp actually minimizes the pain and drying factor of the bleach! Oh and purple shampoo, I use this one, it’s milder than most and keeps it relatively un-brassy.



  1. Amy says:

    Younmake me want to go bleach-blonde so badly! But sadly, I don’t think the color will match my skin tone at all…


  2. Mymy says:

    u’re beautiful with blond hair 😉
    (but also with black hair ha ha ;))


  3. Jenny says:

    You look SO STUNNING in your blonde hair! I think it gives you an exciting edge and I think that’s a part of why I wanted to take a closer look at you and your blog after seeing just one picture (i’m a new reader), cause you look different and have this special look that kind of your own. And now, when I’ve been reading your blog a couple of weeks I know that it’s not only your hair that is fierce, ofc, you and how you dress as well. Anyhow, have a great day!

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