hard lines

winter is upon us in vancouver! i love the cold here. it’s so crisp and refreshing, definitely what i need after six months living in polluted beijing. speaking of which, i’m heading back! i’ll be on a plane december 5th. i’m excited. for everything. my bf and i are heading to france for christmas and new years to visit friends and family. yes. new years eve in paris. somehow things just always work out don’t they? in the most unexpected ways.

i know i already own a motorcycle jacket but when i saw this on yesstyle, i had to have it immediately! it’s got these ridiculous furry arms and very sensible faux leather center. again, it’s taking something simple….something almost everybody owns and reinterpreting it.

wearing Yesstyle jacket, tshirt, toque; urban outfitters leather pants, sam edelman boots, house of harlow sunglasses from @shopladama



  1. YanC says:

    doubling the leather is just amazing, i can’t wait till i invest in some pleather babes.

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