Harrods Party Pt. II

To carry on the #DestinationParty theme I wanted to channel something luxe (a nod to the storied department store) and something more ‘street’ (a nod to myself). The mermaid skirt a la Victoria Beckham brought the elegance and this Philip Lim top, respectively New York. I know I just spoke about uniforms a couple posts ago, but I’ll bring it up again. This would be my ideal evening uniform. It’s comfortable, form-fitting, and showing just the right amount of skin. I like to think of it as non-committal evening wear – dancing between the line of black-tie and elevated daywear. There’s no better spot to be in! And one last shout out to the amazing digital team behind Harrods – thank you for this opportunity & better yet, the memories!

Wearing Philip Lim top, Victoria Beckham Skirt, Alexander Wang booties, THP Bound Cuffs, Vintage Chanel Clutch



  1. You’re really one of my favorite fashion influencers!
    Beautiful look.


  2. Mariama says:

    U are killin it with ur style ;). Love EVERYTHING about it. So effortless

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