TGIF! I’m heading outta the city to Penticton tomorrow¬†to enjoy some easy livin’. I’ve never been anywhere else in BC other than Vancouver and Whistler, so this should be pretty exciting! In addition to packing some outfits to *hopefully* photograph, I’m also taking my climbing gear (with aspirations of climbing in Skaha), a bunch of bathing suits and a smorgasbord of snacks and treats for the 3 hour ride up.

I really love this bustier. It is double sided around the areas that need a little extra coverage and is the perfect length to be worn on its own or under any of my larger-than-usual tanks. I was kinda on the fence for a while about it because things like this usually don’t fit (I have a super narrow torso), but it worked out fantastically–I recommend you get one too!

My sister who is much more conservative than me helped take these photos, but not without scolding me first. Tory: ¬†‘is that all you’re wearing??’. Me: ‘yeah, what’s wrong?’ Tory: ‘you’re wearing a see-through BRA!!!’ I’ve gotten a few comments through the blog asking me where I get the ‘courage’ to wear such unmentionables in public. To be perfectly honest, little to no thought is ever given to such practical matters. It’s less fun when you sensor the ideas in your head, no?

I love the cocoon-like shape of this jacket. It’s very similar to the terry-cloth ones that Wilfred also makes. Nothing like wrapping yourself up and walking into the unknown…..

Wearing Wilfred tuxedo cocoon jacket, Silence & Noise bustier, Levis cut offs, Alexander Wang Brenda bag, Zara shoes



  1. Vanessa says:

    Thanks for reading the blog. I’m so happy that you like what you’ve read so far! I just got back from a trip so there isn’t anything immediately ready for this week, but check back in mid-week for something new!

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