When I originally bought this playsuit I had no clue that that it was from a resort somewhere in Mexico. I think I only recently noticed the white stamp on the bottom left hand corner titled ‘PTO VALLARATA’. I wish they sold things like this when I went to Mexico!

This dress became a bit of a DIY project  because it was originally boat neck, longer and a little too poufy in all the wrong places. I’m just glad I finally got a chance to wear something summery because it’s been solid rain for weeks now.

Wearing Vintage DIY dress, Cage Knee-High gladiator sandals Bona Drag, Vintage DKNY bucket bag

Happy Victoria’s Day to all enjoying the long weekend in Canada and overseas!



  1. Cheyenne says:

    where can i find those knee high gladiator sandals???they are so hott!!they are sold out on the bonadrag and bebe website!do you hve any other suggestions?

  2. Hailey says:

    Vanessa, I’m obsessed with your blog…and those shoes! I’ve looked everywhere for them but I cant find them, hopefully they’ll turn up in your store! Awesome outfit as usual:)

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