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After a long break from sweats, even fashion-y ones, I’ve come back to ’em with a vengeance. More thoughts on sweating after the jump.

Sweats, not really the first thing to come to mind when you think of style, fashion or anything in that vein. But there it is. In your Zara’s in a full suit styled with stilettos or walking down a runway paired with an evening skirt (a la Kenzo). Maybe it’s my new appreciation for all things fitness or my increasing laziness to draw the line between sloppy-Vanessa and put-together-Vanessa. But I get it. I think the idea, although not new, is very modern.

I’ve also been looking around for a sweatshirt like this for a while. The closest I’ve come is thrifting, but who wants someone else’s sweats? Not me. But I’ve gotten lucky (since I live in Beijing), I’ve found dead stock of this sweater in several different color combos including the one I’m wearing. Please visit my shop to purchase!

Nike Sweat shirt

Yesstyle Skirt

Alexander Wang Heels



  1. Angie Rox says:

    I agree completely. Sweats are in. I bought a shit load last winter n I call em my new ‘ track pants’ . They past as dress pants if u get nice enough ones n sweatshirts and skirts have never went outta style n my opinion. The sport wear thing is freaking taking over. It’s got everyone wearing SnapBack again , even me, and I never thought I would again after my grungy nineties years. I say bring it on.

  2. casper&pearl says:

    gorgeous style, adoring your blog miss!
    would love to see you in casper&pearl one day!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  3. MARJOLEIN says:

    The sweat goes crazy good with the skirt!
    I actually thought you were wearing 2 sweats,
    one as it’s supposed to be worn & one worn as a skirt! 😉
    Now I think about it… that’s not such a bad idea at all…

    X Marjolein – Never Too Polished.com

  4. Chidimma says:

    its so interesting how nike/adidas products have suddenly become all the rage. Not gonna lie, I would really love a pair of track pants myself. Lovely post!


  5. LucretiaWhitley says:

    Lovely fit!! <33

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