i’ve been on a bit of a sweatshirt bender lately. the weather is turning and all i want to grab for is anything plush and fuzzy to warm those imminent winter blues away.

however while the sun still holds and the mercury stays above zero, I’m going to selflessly and yes, defiantly keep wearing my cut offs in all its many manifestations: daywear, nightwear, cooking-in-the-kitchen-wear, etc etc

but back to the sweater. isn’t it gorgeous? i rarely wear color but this, I had to make an exception. You can purchase it here at Opening Ceremony <<update, this sweater has been sold out for a while>> here is another link (but only in grey)

I’ve also included some of my favorite sweatshirts out on the net right now. check it out!

Kenzo Embroidered Tiger Sweat shirt

Yesstyle denim shorts



  1. Cindy Elena says:

    Loving that green Kenzo sweater and I love how it’s paired with those shorts

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