i love this mohair aqua koolaid sweater i got from H&M. it sheds everywhere like crazy but has the coolest color gradient (in sweater form) i’ve seen in a long time. so pretty. i’m really into bluey-green colors right now. i have a dress and another sweater that are both in this spectrum.

wearing H&M sweater, vintage shoes, urban outfitter pants, michael kors watch



  1. Claire says:

    so cool sweater!!

  2. Lau caste says:

    I love the outfit! I’m gonna try it with my sendra biker boots instead ^^ nice blog!

  3. V. says:

    is it from the new collection??

    Paris post on my blog


  4. mellie says:

    definately not your average sweater! I am obsessed.

  5. YanC says:

    I could easily steal all of your knits for my trip to Bei-Jing.
    But since that is highly unlikely, your blog will probably be my fashion guide for winter when I’m over there.

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