lacey tartan

I’ve had this lace-y tartan lingerie top for some time now. I bought it during NYFW when I was taking a ‘break’ from shows and meetings. I love the thin straps and surprise open back; an old classic has never looked so good! And this camel cashmere coat from JNBY is probably the best thing I have bought so far this season. It’s the perfect over-sized fit and allows me to wear the sloppiest outfits yet still look put together. Plus I have to admit, the search for this very coat was sorta (by that I mean REALLY)  fueled by Kim Kardashian wearing this uh-mazing head-to-toe-camel look during PFW. I think I echo what many people are thinking: Kim has been KILLING it lately.

And to dice things up, I wore my favorite boyfriend jeans that only get better with time. These babies owe their gaping frayed holes to my apparent lack of coordination when putting on pants. Hoorah!

And how pretty are these Bones and Feathers rings? I’d like to think when worn with the sharp edge down that the dip looks like a ‘V’. Just sayin.

JNBY Camel Cashmere Jacket, Zara Tartan Lingerie Top, Boyfriend Jeans, NastyGal Shoes, Marciano Clutch, Bones and Feathers Petite Rings (right hand) + Necklace



  1. lolavlekje says:

    KIM KARDASHIAN IS DEFINTELY KILLING IT. glad you agree, as soon as i aw your coat i new you were gonna mention your inspiration for this look. peace

  2. SHEWOLF says:

    Been loving everything you do. That blonde hair just brings things to another level! You look fantastic!


  3. anna says:

    where are the bracelets from?

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