Leggy in Paris

Recently, I’ve been grabbing more and more for shiny, patent leather. I attribute it to my revisiting (and subsequent renewed obsession) with the Matrix. I remember watching it when it first came out and literally wanting e-v-e-r-y single thing Trinity wore. I mean hello: dream wardrobe. Because I am not quite ready to don a full PVC suit in broad daylight, a patent mini will suffice for now – oh and of course paired with ultra thigh-high boots, these Alllegs care of Stuart Weitzman. I know (gasp!) I’m not wearing my beloved Nudist Heels but I think this outfit is much more effective with just a sliver of leg showing. 

Wearing Lanvin top, Barbara Bui skirt, Vintage Coat, Stuart Weitzman Alllegs Boots, Sun Buddies Eyewear



  1. ASIF says:

    I would like to buy for my wife the outer jacket.

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