leopard + leather

I’m totally obsessed with this Stella McCartney linen leopard print. have you seen the full suit? it’s CRAZY! Anyways, I’ve been flip flopping on buying the top but finally committed today. i blame it on this for keeping me inside all day with nothing else to do but fill my head with silly ideas like i need more leopard in my life.

And oh yes, those are very Birkenstock-ian Margiela sandals. Add a pad of fur on ’em and I’m ready to take on the world a la Celine, a la hairy muppet. And a small apology for being such an absentee blogger. I’m working on a new idea for my blog that involves <gasp> food! I’ll be writing more about it later this week, so stay tuned!

Stella McCartney Linen Leopard top

Organic by John Patrick Leather Track Pants <<sale>>

MM6 Margiela Leather Sandals (get an extra 15% off with code NEWYEARGOLDEN)

4th and Bleeker x Luv AJ Septum cuff

Cast of Vices Bracelet

Acne Shiloh Chain Clutch



  1. those leopard print trousers *swooon* love the elasticated waist band! x

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