leopard linen

If you type ‘leopard’ in my search engine (top right) you’ll get a lot of leopard results. What can I say? I have an affinity for the cat. If I had a spirit animal I’d imagine it being some sort of sleek, nimble feline. But then again, don’t we all?

I haven’t grown tired of these baggy leather trousers yet. Better yet I can layer leggings underneath in this subzero weather. There’s something very counter-intuitive about wearing baggy, shapeless trousers. But I’m finding myself increasingly grabbing things about 3 times my size. Much to the dismay of the boyfriend. But hey, we can share now right!? NO. A very vehement No.

I bought this Stella McCartney in a bigger size too. I found the size I usually wear didn’t achieve the effect I wanted. Now all I need are those damn trousers…..

Stella McCartney Linen Leopard Top

Front Row Shop Leather Trousers

Vanessa Mooney Bracelet

MMM x H&M Clutch

Zara Pumps



  1. CN says:

    What size did you get those pants in? Trying to buy a pair!

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