L’Officiel November

Well this is pretty cool isn’t it? I always wondered what it’d be like to shoot for something so major; how would I feel? I remember pouring over my mother’s magazines as a child, idolizing models and celebrities secretly harboring my own desires to ‘make it’ one day into a glossy. I didn’t recognize it then, but what I was actually doing was planting my seed of intention. To be a person of influence, a voice in the fashion industry. And here it is, that seed fully abloom. This just serves as further evidence that our wildest, deepest dreams really can come true. I feel quite blessed to share this with you dear reader. Whether you were here on day 1 or you just found me yesterday, allow me to be example of what grit, passion & taking the road less traveled can culminate in.



  1. jenaly says:

    Absolutely amazing!! Congratulations on such an incredible achievement!!


  2. Farrah says:

    You’re my favorite fashion blogger! Xo #farrahnaykaashline

  3. wow!!! just gorgeous as alwys!!!



  4. Ruiling Lee says:

    Wild and sexy! Congrats!!!

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