Mad for Plaid

Is it fall yet? So asks my closet brimming with all sorts of plaid. I’m a lucky girl because my good friend Zane from JHZane sent me quite a few beautiful pieces (all plaid) which have been worn a little ad nauseum lately. And how cute is this little Moroccan basket? It’s coming soon to THPSHOP. For those of you who may have missed the memo, I decided to put a pause on the store for a few months until I could find more sustainable, uplifting projects to pursue – because after all, what’s the point? Without giving away too much, there are a lot of exciting things coming – jewelry, these baskets (of course!) and collaborations with female artists. Stay tuned!!!



  1. Now that’s a great transitional look! The only thing you need is adenim or leather jacket!

  2. Lin Anne says:

    Thanks for sharing the latest trends. Love it.

  3. I always LOVE your pictures. You are really good at styling 🙂

  4. nash says:

    Stunning pictures. Keep up the good work💞

    I create style lookbooks, if you’re interested do check out my website.

  5. Serena says:

    This basket is amazing! It looks so good with the ballerinas too! It is amazing during summer, however, it can be worn even during autumn. It makes your style more intriguing.
    Thanks for the photos!

  6. lindsey says:

    love the skirt! wow you look nice!

  7. emilie says:

    Love the skirt and can’t wait to see the new store projects!

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