Hmm where do I even begin on this trip? In three breaths: it was beautiful, at times surreal, and above all eye-opening. Modern Morocco doesn’t look very different from many other bustling emerging third world countries. It’s a little grimey. A little tight in some quarters. But the energy. It is still and whirring with electricity at the same time. The colors and smells and terrain combined to be a bit of a sensory overload at times–of the best variety. I think on this ten day trip, we but only scuffed the surface of what Morocco has to offer. Click through for the almost 40 images of my trip through this beautiful country which started in Rabat and ended in my favorite, Fes.

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  1. yuka says:

    these photos are so so gorgeous vanessa! inspiration overload!

  2. Tasha says:

    This doesn’t help my strong case of wanderlust. Morocco is DEFINITELY on my list, these photos are amazing.


  3. Jo says:

    So amazing photos

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  4. Your pictures made me desperately want to go to Morocco!!!

  5. Jay says:

    So beautiful! Wow!

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