New Collection

Inspired by 90’s minimalism #THPFirstBase is a collection of foundation pieces that can be layered, stacked, or worn alone. Thinner ring bands coupled up as Duo’s and super skinny hoop earrings are very of-the-moment. I also have a special place for the Door Knocker earring that is a single piece worn best completely alone. I love parting my hair down the center and wearing just that – it’s quite the conversation starter!

You can shop the THPSHOP First Base collection – just take a peek at the carousel underneath to see all the pieces. Tell me which ones are your favorite!



  1. yasmina says:

    You are SO gorgeous!

  2. Jodi says:

    The collection is beautiful. Your + and — tattoos are so unique.

  3. Adorate says:

    Your designs are so beautiful and innovative. Congrats on being able to make them a a reality! xxx

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