Origami Knits

I love, love, love this creamy Riko top. A new THPLAB piece that takes inspiration from the intricate folding and knotting of traditional Japanese garb. Japan has long since been a huge inspiration for me, and as the name intimates, a big influence on this latest update. I’ve been traveling like a nutter lately and just wanted to slide back into my creature comforts – but still feel like ‘me’. Take a look  and tell me what you think! xo

THPLAB Riko Knit Sweater Tunic, Gucci Bag, Skirt (sample), Anine Bing Sunglasses, Senso trainers



  1. OMG!
    Wonderful outfit.
    Every post and article from yours is simply amazing.
    You’re able to perfectly suit every dress you choice.
    I love your blog so much.
    Consulenza d’immagine

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  3. Barbara Francis says:

    How do I find these?

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