Friday July 18, 2014

90′s Baby



Need I say more? Furry crop top plus rolled over baggy jeans. A Friday dose of Nostalgia for yah!

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Wednesday July 16, 2014





Yes, the ever pervasive and omnipresent ‘destroyed’ denim. I cannot even remember the last time I wore a pair of jeans without holes in them. These truly get better with age and eventually I figure they will disintegrate, but until then I’ll continue destroying them some more. And this Cameo leather tunic has got to be my favorite new-leather-thing ever. There are pouches in the front and a slight up-cut in the back. I have a feeling this will be in heavy rotation for some time to come!

Tuesday July 15, 2014



One of my friends recently asked me what my style trajectory will look like for the future. I told her I’d probably start wearing entire outfits in one color. I think I’ve already done this several times in blue, seen here, here, and here (these also happened to be the most re-blogged too) so I guess I’m onto something? Something else that is apparent is the reference to athletic wear. I like strong silhouettes which still retain some element of sex, refinement, and ease. Sorta garbled I know, but it’s just something I fall into. And it feels so GEWD.

All of these are sale items (some 70% off) so skip through to find out WHERE. HOW.

Monday July 14, 2014

Sweat It





We will be shooting a quick mini look book this week featuring this skirt plus another new THPSHOP staple. I love my sweats and feel most comfortable in them, even in heels! Make sure you click below to find out when they arrive, because this first batch will be in limited quantity!

Wearing THPSHOP.CO Bound Cuffs, Sweater-Skirt (coming soon)


Friday July 11, 2014





The ol’ cropped top and boyfriend shorts. This is a combination I have literally worn for y-e-a-r-s. It’s really the perfect summer outfit for me. There’s skin. There’s leather. And most importantly, there’s a lot of comfort. You really cannot ask for anything else!