I’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately, and then I remembered this crazy rodeo┬ájacket that I bought a few months ago. I remember trying it on at a thrift store across the street and putting it back on the rack. Haha, apprehensive about spending $9 dollars? Apparently! Anyways, it took three trips to finally buy the jacket and I’m sooo glad I did. It’s a bit of a mess: fringe, gaudy leopard print, and a very 80’s esque cut (I actually took in the shoulders almost 2 inches on both sides!!), but it works–I swear!!

And take a look at the fringe on the back!!! I tried to get some full-mo shots, but as anyone who has shot me knows I can’t coordinate my face and body very well. It’s a work in progress. But I promise you this jacket has major movement.

This is just further evidence that you can take a perfectly regular outfit (tank and jeans) and turn it into something else with that special piece in your closet. Flashier the better. Ha!

Wearing thrifted leopard fringe jacket, Levis 501’s, Wilfred loose tank, jewlery from thrift store, Tiffany’s, H&M , Forever 21, Frye boots



  1. Claire says:

    Very nice!! Love the look – blazer and shorts is classic.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Thanks Claire!! I totally agree.

  3. Lorituela says:

    Heyyy nice pictures!!
    I found your blog by Chicisimo and I love it, you outfit here is soooo great!
    Love from Spain!

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