Roman Holiday

Hello! Buongiorno! Back from an epic trip that covered China, Thailand and my fave: Roma. If you were following along with my Snapchat – you very well know now that I’m o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with Rome. Everything from the streets, the people, the weather, and yes, the food was just beyond. I always thought Paris was my favorite city in Europe, but Rome opened up a whole new world to me. I cannot wait to go back to Italy to explore…my recommendations below of where to stay, eat, and shop.

Eat: Tiberino (neo-traditional Roman food), Ginger (vegetarian), Il Margutta (vegan), Active Natural Eating (vegetarian cafe), Pinsere, Ciao Checca (slow fast food), Ai Tre Scalini (tapas/wine bar)  – these are just a few places we ate at; my best advice is to wander into busy places or ask locals.

Drink (coffee): La Casa Del Tazza, Antico Caffe Greco, Sant’Eustachio – it’s hard to get a bad coffee in Rome, I recommend getting the iced espresso if you’re looking for a sweet caffeinated treat

Do: Rome is full of historical monuments (several of which were included in this post), but beyond those wandering was my favorite thing to do; the Jewish quarter is especially pretty

Head-to-toe in Fendi

Wearing JH Zane multi-strap dress (1st picture), THPLAB shoulderless tunic (coming soon), Chanel Sunglasses, Superga sneakers, Lack Of Color Hat



  1. Ashley says:

    WOW! Your photos are incredible. Love your outfit choices and how jelly that you went to Rome. I adore shoulder-less tops among cobble streets. Brava.

  2. ivana split says:

    you’re divine…and your outfits so effortlessly elegant.
    gorgeous photos from Rome.

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