It’s official. I love mesh. It’s sexy, mysterious and pretty badass. It’s like being naked in public—how thrilling! Mesh will always remind me of the 80’s era of bondage glamour and excess cultivated by the late and great Gianni Versace. Even my Mom had a few pieces of S&M inspired duds in her closet. And yes, I have one of those Moms. I blame my fashion obsession on her.

But I digress, I loved this bodysuit so much that I also bought the dress version. It’s my next DIY project. Because I cannot currently afford the Alexander Wang mesh dress (I have my eyes set on a much bigger prize: the denim leather jacket) I have decided I will ‘attempt’ to make my own version. Stay tuned to learn its fate.

Wearing Zara blazer + booties, Cheap Monday skinnies, AA mesh bodysuit, MJ Stam bag, Made Her Think + Forever21 cuffs



  1. Steph says:

    Love this outfit.

    Is this at… the Shangri-La by any chance? Or is it just me?!

  2. Vanessa says:

    haha Nooo! This was on campus at UBC. In the Aboriginal library!

  3. Angela says:

    Okay woooow!!!! This is badass!!!! I am in love with this outfit..Very nice and it’s perfect. Okay seriously I love your pics so much you are amazing babe. all your tweets too 😉

  4. Thien Duong says:

    Okay woooow, a nice post

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