Silver in the Sahara

On our last day in Marrakech we headed to the Saharan desert for lunch on the dunes. This was the¬†perfect way to end our trip: eating delicious moroccan home-style food, luxuriating in the sun and taking in all the views. My Marrakech Guide will be up soon as I’m tweaking a few more things. This will include where to shop, what to eat, and what to do!

Endless desert, very powerful, very nourishing to the Soul
I just loved the movement of this dress in the wind
Loved these director style chairs all over the site

Wearing: JH Zane Dress, Lack Of Color AUS hat



  1. Agnes says:

    these photos are stunning! Hope you enjoyed your stay in Morocco!

    Agnes x


  2. Antorini says:

    Absolutely stunning!

  3. Angela says:

    Absolutely beautiful and inspiring!

  4. Jade D'sa says:

    What gorgeous photos! Loved the outfit!

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