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I like to think of fashion as my first love and health & wellness as my new love. I discovered yoga six years ago – very spontaneously too – when a stranger on the street handed me a free weekly pass to a local studio.  That exchange literally started a chain of events that changed my life and transformed me into the yogi, wellness seeker and champion of holistic living that I am today.

My Recommendations in my Top 4 Cities

New York

MNDFL is a chic new meditation and mindfulness centre – believe it or not, you can actually ‘book your cushion online.’ I always recommend this place to friends, especially during fashion week!’


‘The cafe and superfood mini-market Sol Semilla is dedicated to healing foods and nutritious meals. The owner Jean Francois has been making superfood pilgrimages to Peru for decades, sourcing only the finest in raw healing foods. Their raw carob powder is life-changing!’

Hong Kong

‘In my opinion, the best yoga in Hong Kong is definitely at the Yoga Room. Make sure to take Megala’s Ashtanga Class; her teaching is transformative and uplifting! Book in advance because her classes are always full.’


‘One of the first restaurant cafes to do vegan food in Beijing is Tribe Nutrition. When I lived in Beijing, I ate here almost 3 times a week! Make sure to try their home-made kombucha and house pickles.’



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