The ‘Camille’

Oh leather track pants, how long I have sought after you! And now you have been found. It’s the quintessential sportswear item that every girl should have in her closet. I like to wear mine with heels and a big tee shirt or a chunky sweater. I have yet to make the leap over to Phoebe territory and wear them with my Nikes, but we’ll see…how do you wear yours?

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  1. Stykekeepers says:

    Hot! Love everything about this outfit xx

  2. carol says:

    oh my, these pants look amazing !!!!

  3. M A R T A says:

    Amazing photos darling!


  4. The skirt is so beautiful!
    love your hair and the shoes, like always 🙂

  5. On my “to buy” list forever & still waiting. They’re such a statement piece, in the subtlest way.

    The Fashann Monster

  6. SHEWOLF says:

    heels definitely.
    Hot as always!


  7. Charlotte says:

    Wow stunning once again! I love these pants!

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