The Rockstud

This is an ode to the Valentino Rockstud, which I have only experienced thus far in accessory form – until this coat. Now don’t be fooled, this is not just a coat – it’s a piece. I think a lot of us forget how much craftsmanship is involved in creating something so simple, so well. We take these basic items for-granted because of their ubiquity and seemingly ‘regular-ness’. But for me, that’s where the magic lies – and this piece is no exception. From afar, conservative, but up close, a lil’ rock’n’roll.




  1. Adam Green says:

    Great blonde outfit for a blonde girl. The shoes even look incredible and is quiet matching to the rest of the thing.

  2. wow!!!!

  3. Auneetuh says:

    I love the play with textures and details. Great quick post 😊

  4. Love this look. Need to add everything to my wish list 🙂

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  6. Carrie says:

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  7. kelly says:

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