Playing witness to changing seasons from summer to fall, fall to winter, then spring is truly one of the greatest gifts of being on Earth. I find it all quite symbolic and beautiful.The end of one thing, transformation, then rebirth. As I write this I’m ending a chapter of my life, which has been based on the west coast for the last 3 years. I opened my first office here, started my faux fur line here, and found yoga here. Now as I tie loose ends, readying myself for New York, I sink into all the feels (as the kids say). And it’s intense. It’s deeply moving. As a great kundulini teacher once taught me: we need tensions/stress/friction for ignition, for change and transformation. So sure, life (on its most superficial level) can be a little sticky during times of change, but I welcome it, because below there is a fire burning and rebirth is afoot!

wearing self portrait blazer, frame denim, chanel boots
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  1. Carina says:

    Lovely as always 🙂
    Such a great inspo!

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  2. im looking forte mustard fur coat, canI still get it

  3. Vanessa says:

    I don’t really do glitter either…but these somehow work!

  4. silvia citterio says:

    You are perfect: not just for fashion, but for your life. Love this post. Some lovely bloggers, during years, became so boring. You, your mind, are always new. Love you girl, hope you’II have the best.

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