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With all the travelling that I do, I thought it would be apt time to write about how I travel. One thing I am never without is a rolling carry-on. It is a necessity that makes life (especially in airports) a little less hectic. For me – and I’m sure this goes for you too, dear reader – I like to look good at the airport (because you really never know!). That’s why I was particularly drawn to this silver case, so generously gifted by Tumi because it fits the bill of being both beautiful and functional.  Read on for an interview I did with for more travel secrets, tips and advice!

  1. Where do you live most of the year? This year I’ve split my time almost evenly across Hong Kong/China, New York, and Paris
  1. How would you describe your job title? I’m the Creative Director and CEO of THP, a womenswear label I created 3 years ago. I’m involved in the design process as well as business development, which both take up most of my time. Additionally I act as an ambassador to brands such as Chanel, La Prairie, Fendi et al. which has me traveling to Europe, Asia and beyond.

What steps did you take to get there? I started my blog 6 years ago in my cubicle at work – definitely on the DL. Not too soon after, this ‘hobby’ started becoming really serious, and the next thing I knew I was being courted by agencies. I quit my job about a year after and never looked back. As for my own label, THP,  this was another really organic outgrowth of My earliest dreams were to always work in fashion – my mom having gone to fashion school. Through my work, travel and exposure to the industry, I began to carve out the idea of a womenswear line – which eventually has led me to today. I’m proud to say that I’ve done this all on my own, without outside financing or influence – so I’m a testament to the idea that hard work pays off!

What distinguishes you from other bloggers?I feel that I’ve always done my own thing, which is a trademark of my personality. I’ve always seen blogging as a platform to do all the things I’ve dreamed of doing since childhood including fashion design. I curate my online existence as one would art in a museum – vision for me is everything!

What are some of your most proud professional accomplishments to date?I’m going to take a very buddhist approach to answering this – I think everything has been equally rewarding for me to date. Sometimes the greatest battles I’ve won in business have been behind closed doors, late at night alone. I don’t take anything for granted.

  1. How would you describe your personal style?I would say easy luxury. I really love fashion, but for the most part, I’m a very straight forward sort of girl, which is why I feel a lot of people relate to my style – it’s replicable, but not en masse. My style also changes depending what city I’m in – in New York, it’s always more subdued with heavy reliance on great coats and shoes, Hong Kong I tend to wear more fun items, Paris I’m a little more glam.

Why did you decide to travel to New York City and what area were you in?I’m looking at apartments at the moment because I’m designing my next collection and have decided to make New York my creative base.

  1. What are some of the most impressive things about New York City?The first time I came to New York, I was just amazed by the diversity – and really how everyone and everything just mixes so well. It’s really beautiful and inspiring. I also love how dense New York is – there is a lot of everything (art, people, shops, etc) within every city block. And that old adage that says: ‘If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere’  is real! I always feel limitless when I’m in New York.
  1. Why should people visit New York City?To experience the above! and I feel New York is unlike any other city in the US. It really is a world in itself.
  1. How did the suitcase improve your travel experience going to and from New York City and while you were there? Durability without compromising on style is really important to me for travel. This case is sleek, but highly functional. It kept me organized and ready to go for my whole trip.

What are five places you must go in New York City and why?

The Row Store – The newest Row store on 71st Street is beautiful and a mecca for anyone who loves fashion and interiors. I’m a huge fan of the brand and always excited to visit the store.

The Apartment – Is a unique space by Vanessa Traina in Soho that is a multi-brand/multi-product showroom that looks like your dream apartment. Always inspiring to stop by here.

Dover Street Market – I always make it a must to go to any DSM where ever i am in the world – New York is no different. The visual displays are always stunning and fashion selection super strong.

Kunjip – this is great quality ‘fast food’ in Koreatown. If you want a quick, delicious bite, stop by here! They have great vegetarian options and teas.

The Whitney Museum – is one of the newest museums in New York. It’s the perfect size for a half day solo museum haunt. It’s also located in meatpacking which means close access to food and coffee shops

What are the things you absolutely need to have when you travel? My yoga mat. My books. A journal. Lots of water.

  1. How often do you travel and do you have any expert tips that you’ve perfected?I travel anywhere from 2-3 times a month. My secret is ziploc bags – I put everything into designated ziplocs – so one for electronics, make up, hair products, etc.
  1. Do you go on inspiration trips for your work? What do you look for in a destination?Yes of course! I always think about a place visually before I embark on any trip. I do a lot of research about the area, the food, the sites, the culture – so that I know I’ll be stimulated the whole time. Right now I’m looking at India and Iceland.

Have you been to New York City before? Does this place have significance for you?Yes of course, I used to live here several years ago. New York has always held a special place in my heart because I’ve always seen it as a city of dreams.

How would you describe the pulse of the city? A little manic.

What do you love about this place? The interconnectivity and spirit of New Yorkers

  1. What fuels your passion?Inspiration comes from everywhere for me.  Travel, My friends, Women on the streets, History, Art, Museums, Books. Music. I’m a literal sponge and absorb everything and anything from around me.

How do you overcome a creative slump or road block?I mediate and do yoga every day so this helps immensely. When I feel really blocked, I strap on runners and run until my legs cannot go any further – this is a great way to unblock stagnant energy.

Wearing Max Mara Coat, Muji Knit, Calvin Klein Jeans, Mode Collective Boots
Tumi Luggage Case



  1. Steal4Style says:

    Love this casual outfit!! Your camel coat with a masculine cut is the perfect detail for this outfit. Love this suit case!

  2. Rubi says:

    Awesome to read this interview and to hear about your travel trips, I am honestly so inspired by you!

    xx Rubi

    Pose & Repeat

  3. illy says:

    the questions were great and the answers even more insightful 🙂 Thank you for sharing ! Great stuff.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I really enjoyed reading your interview.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Kim Cao says:

    The art of stylish traveling is SO underrated. Love to see you keeping it well and alive.

  6. Audrey says:

    Absolutely loved reading your thoughts in this interview. I really love how you accomplished all your goals and stuck to being yourself throughout. What an inspiration.


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