i’m heading back to beijing this coming Monday…it’s so weird. 2 months. what seemed originally like eternity has turned into a second. a flicker, really. i’ve just had enough time to go see all my good friends and eat as much fresh food as I can. As much as I’m looking forward to returning, I’m a little weary of the pollution/lack of edible food/language barrier. but alas, if something isn’t challenging, it’s not worth doing, right?

these pants are surprisingly easy to wear. i was going to wear a black leather tshirt originally but then opted for my new slouchy vintage sweater.  it’s also freezing out now (literally) and anything less than a cm of wool is just crazy. I also think i got a little frostbitten when i wore my zara pumps earlier…which unlike the sweater offered no insulation. ha.

wearing vintage mens sweater, versace for H&M pants, Zara shoes, Michael Kors watch



  1. adora says:

    I love those pumps!!!!

  2. lizamoreene says:

    wow u always looking tha booomb! u’re always wearing something very crazy and drive it down with a simple piece. u’re an artist!
    xxx liza

  3. helena says:

    OMG, the contrast between the white and the trousers is stunning!

    im loving the shoes too!

    Great blog, great style. Nice ideas too, jealous!

    Wanna follow each other?


  4. maria says:

    One of the greatest looks I´ve ever seen, amazing!:)

  5. Tanya says:

    Lovely choice of textures! I was just joggling ideas for my next styling of the same Versace H&M jeans, and finding your look gave me some amazing ideas! Thank you soo much!

    PS: If you end up wanting to see, this is a way how I styled mine for their “first” look

  6. Taylor Simons says:

    Incredible combination! You look amazing, girl!

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