I’ve never considered myself to be a ‘collector’ so why do I find myself collecting multiple colors of this very dress? I blame it on the stretchy fabric, layer-bility, and extreme comfort level. So it looks like this will be color number 3? 4? God I don’t know. I really hope it’s not more than that.

So I spent the weekend being a lazy bum. I had made some grandiose plans to do some blog research and possibly add a category to simplify the whole navigating process, but I gave into my inner sloth and spent much of that time looking at sales shoes on Barney’s website, as well as contemplating whether or not I should take advantage of an almost $800 dollar deduction on a Givenchy Nightingale bag I’d been eyeing…..

Ok, and these shoes. I bought these shoes eons ago in a size too big, so I barely wear them unless I’m feeling especially brave and up to the challenge. My heel pops out of it pretty badly, but they are just too darn pretty to resist sometimes.

Oh! And this beautiful ring is one of┬ámy newest additions. I really love it and for less than 60 bucks, it’s quite a deal. Someone told me that I looked like Michael Jackson wearing it…did Mike even have a ring like this? I thought he just had a crazy penchant for gloves…..

Wearing American Apparel double U dress, sweater from Aritzia, Colin Stuart stud booties, thrifted bag, bangles from H&M/forever21, talon ring from Made Her Think, armor ring from eBay



  1. Lauren says:

    You look great in this, real inspiration. The nude with black is stunning and it looks very expensive. The jewellery is gorgeous too

    Lauren x

  2. Vanessa says:

    Aww thanks Lauren!
    Basics tend to win out for me. You can’t go wrong with mixing something tight and slouchy…always seems like a recipe for success…

  3. jonathan says:

    love the style girl!! just got back from 4 months in asia n your style reminds me of tokyo!! haute!!


  4. Vanessa says:

    Hi Jonathan!
    What were you doing in Asia? I love going back there, it’s so different from anywhere else in the world. I’m actually going to Tokyo in Spring 2010. I’m so stoked!

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