This tshirt (or whatever’s left of it–heh heh) was my one and only stint in rock and roll tshirt-dom–an impulsive purchase that was only worn once or twice.  I dug it up a couple weeks ago and couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with it. After much debate I chopped it up and voila!

This brings me to mention my biggest obsession of late: cropped tops. I remember wearing them in grade 7 and thinking I was so cool and dare I say some things have not changed? My bestie recently went to TOPSHOP in NYC and picked me up a white lace cropped vest that I CANNOT wait to wear, but have yet to figure out how to wear (not sure if a white bra under white lace is as  appropriate as it’s in black). So it lurks in my closet awaiting its partner in crime.

The weather in Vancouver has really been picking up. It’s even warm in the mornings now! I hear it’s gonna be 28 degrees later this week, which is HOT by vancity standards. Our city is so incredibly beautiful when it’s right on the edge of summer…

Wearing Zara blazer & zippered booties, Ozzy tee, BLANC skinny jeans DKNY Bucket bag, Forever 21 bracelets, Made her Think talon ring



  1. Ilanka says:

    Amazing look, you have a beautiful body!
    Love the tee! And the lipstick!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  2. Begum says:

    Wow your jeans look awesome. I love your outfit

  3. emma says:

    i love your cropped top!

  4. cristina says:

    that blazer is gorgeous!

  5. Anastacia says:

    Added to my RSS, Thanks!

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