One of my favorite jackets that i got late last year: the Nike SW Destroyer. It’s insulated, wind proof, and has detachable sleeves. I know, i know the whole sportswear thing seems almost redundant now, but I feel I can just sneak past because, well, this is the real deal. This little baby will be keeping me warm for years to come.

Nike SW Destroyer Jacket

Boyfriend’s Sweater

Front Row Shop Skirt (also worn here in France)

Stella McCartney Faux Croc boots (similar pair here on sale!)

MMM x H&M Candy Clutch



  1. amazing shots! love love love

  2. stylemailbox says:

    those boots are amazing!!! love stella!

  3. moiminnie says:

    This post might just be my fave from you! x

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