Wonderland Drive

LA in all it’s crazy excess is more than meets the eye – just hop on the freeway and you can literally drive yourself to another era. Past Mulholland drive onto Wonderland Drive, there lies one of Pierre Koenig’s case study houses: the Bailey House – a literal time capsule of of the 60’s. It is mod-minimalism at it’s finest. Encapsulated in the space – beyond the obvious design and Jetsonian appliances – is a feeling of hope. A hope for a simpler future where style and utility could be married. And isn’t that the life we all want to live?




Wearing Maurie & Eve Knit set; Lack of Color Hat

Visit the Bailey House here

ph: Quan Mai, www.geneticboi.com



  1. Fiona Alice says:

    Absolutely gorgeous outfit! X

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